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«Blablog» Rules

Welcome to the “Blablog” – the virtual social network (hereinafter called “SITE”).

USER – an individual, agreed to join by the way of registering on the Site and uses the Site thereafter (hereinafter called USER).

Joining the site – Registering on the site is the Public Offer. Registering on this Site means that User agrees with all the rules of joining the site (Hereinafter called RULES).

By Registering on this site or using this site thereafter User agrees to the following Rules. User also agrees that he is 18 years of age or older. If user didn’t reach the age of 18, that means that User have indeed received the permission from its Parent or lawful Guardian, that are fully responsible for the User’s compliance with the Site Rules.

The Site Administration reserves the right to change the site Rules. All the changes to the Site rules will be posted. By continuing using this Site after the Changes to the Rules are made User agrees to all the updated Site Rules. If there are situations occur not covered by the present Rules – Administration reserves the right to administer the issue at its own will.

While Registering on the site User has to provide the genuine true information in order to create the User’s homepage, including the unique User Login and Password as well as the actual User’s First and the Last name.

User is fully personally responsible for the personal information giving while Registering the site according to the Laws and Regulations of the country the User is the resident of and the International laws that may apply. The User is liable for any third party claims and complaints.

If User Registering on the Site, he\she agrees for the information processing and lawful requests according to the Nation whose citizen User nay be and also in accordance with the International rules and regulations that may lawfully apply.

In case of the Users violation of the rights and interests of the Third Party Individuals, Institutions or Companies in accordance with the Laws of the Country of Residence, and also the Advertising of the products and services – The Site Administration may delete the such Users accounts, information from such accounts as well as temporary or permanently block the User access to such accounts.

Registered User shell follow the Laws and Regulations of the Country of his citizenship and residence, International laws, present Site Rules and the Site Administration guidelines to provide the genuine and honest Registering information.

User shell bare the full responsibility for posting any information and images (including but not excluded by: pictures, audio and visual files).

User shells not misinform the Site Administration by providing the wrong information. User is forbidden to load, save, publish, distribute or offer the access or use in any other way any information that contain the threats, discredit the character, honor, dignity or reputation or violating the privacy of other Users or any third party as well as conduct any doing that may violate the Country of residence laws or International laws.

User is forbidden to post the Information on the Site that is promoting the violation of Laws in the Country of Residence As well International Law norms that includes the Pornographic images, texts and sexual scenes. User is forbidden to post any information promoting the suicide. User is forbidden to post or share any information regarding the promotion of racial, religious and ethnical hate and animosity, as well as propaganda of Nazism or ideology of racial superiority. It is forbidden to post any extremist information. It is forbidden to post or link to any advises instructions to violate the National and International laws.

It is forbidden on the site to post, save, distribute, link or provide access to any malware, viruses or illegal programs.

User shell bare the personal responsibility for any information that it posted on the Site. All the actions on the Site User shell conduct at its own risk.

All the Information that is posted by the site Administration is an intellectual property of the Site copyright owners. To copy and use of the logos or any other images from this site, that is the property of the site is forbidden.

The Administration of the Site or its representatives shell not be responsible for the actions of the Site Users. Site Administration shell not bare the responsibilities before Third Parties, including any moral and financial losses, lost profits, lost data or any other losses derived from the doings of the Site Users. User shell solely bare the responsibilities for such actions.

The User Agrees to listed rules when registering the account. User gives its full and unconditional consent that it Read and Agreed upon the Site Rules and shell follow it.

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